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Fraternitatis Fidelis et Verus:
Defensores Fidei et Custodes Veritatis

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Knights of the Faithful

Fraternitatis Fidelis et Verus: 
Defensores Fidei et Custodes Veritatis

Brotherhood of the Faithful and True:

Defenders of Faith and Keepers of Truth

Revelation 3:7, 19:11

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Knights Fidelium Foundation is a non-profit, non-government organization registered in England and Wales as a charity group, with a sole purpose of helping the poor children and elderly in the Philippines, especially among the indigenous people.

We exist with a genuine purpose for the good of humanity, especially the poor. We are a team of volunteers whose only aim is to promote our advocacy without asking anything in return.


While this world is starting to fall into chaos, our foundation will be built on solid ground, to protect not only ourselves, but the poor, the weak, and the needy, in these chaotic times.

Most of our charity works and outreach programs are self-funded, which means most of the funds we generate to pursue our projects come from our own pockets. But with the help of some of our regular donors, however small the donations are, we are able to reach out to more poor families.


We definitely welcome all forms of donations, big and small, and we can't express enough our gratitude for helping us go a long way.


If you want to donate to our cause, you may send us any amount to our bank accounts in UK and Europe. We also accept Bitcoin and Ethereum cryptocurrencies. If you want us to send you an acknowledgment receipt for tax filing purposes, please contact us below with your details.

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Knights Fidelium Foundation

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Knights Fidelium Foundation


BE08 9671 0999 3013

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Our Founder and Director, Larrimar Tia, is a Sergeant Brother of the Knights Templar by the Sovereign Magistral Order of the Temple of Solomon.

Larrimar is also a member of The Fraternal Order of Eagles (Philippine Eagles) as a Social Works Officer of the Manila East Mehan Eagles Club (MEMEC).

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The following are our major sponsors that have made a great impact in the pursuit of our advocacy.

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