The primary objective of the Knights Fidelium is to revive the code of chivalry and the seven virtues of knighthood, namely: Courage, Justice, Mercy, Generosity, Faith, Nobility and Hope. To become a Knight Fidelium, you must be willing to abide by these prime virtues and help promote the advocacy of our foundation for the benefit of the poor. You must be willing to give and to serve in the pursuit of our objectives.

Image by Henry Hustava

Knights Fidelium consists of two cores of membership: the Knight Exterius or the Outer Core and the Knight Interius or the Inner Core.


The Knight Exterius or the Outer Core is our public and open-to-all type of membership. You can become a Knight Exterius anywhere you are in the world because your physical presence is seldom required and may only be needed on special occasions. There is an annual membership fee in form of donation which will be fully used in our charity projects. You will receive a certificate of donation, with our official seal, and an emblem to denote your status. So all of our Knights Exterius are recognized as our official donors.


The Knight Interius or the Inner Core is a limited type of membership. Not everyone can join this core because it requires time and dedication, and usually physical presence is often needed since the Inner Core members are the ones responsible in the planning and execution of our charity projects and outreach programs. There is no compensation in becoming a Knight Interius. You must devote time and personal resources of one's own accord in order to fulfill your duties. So most of the members here are volunteers. And most important to know, to become a Knight Interius is not as easy task as you may think it is. You will have to undergo and complete a quest to prove your loyalty, bravery and nobility.

Note that you don't have to be an official member of the Knights Core to practice the knightly virtues, especially the virtue of generosity or charity. You can always support our advocacy in helping the poor by donating any amount which we can guarantee will always reach the intended recipients.